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Liminality is a collaboration between Wales and India supporting the creation of a new 360° Fulldome dance film. Choreographed by Wales based dance artists Kim Noble and Hugh Stanier, directed by 4Pi Productions and supported by Wales Arts International and British Council.

The piece is a fusion of cultures and technology. A snapshot into the constant cycle of transition and change. Five dancers move from industrial landscapes to coastal landscapes, in South Wales, Delhi and Goa. The piece highlights the similarities these two countries share, and the changing relationship as India supports Wales with its industrial might. The cultural residue left by colonialism upon India is moving into a new phase. The ritualised movements of dance in a 360º immersive environment conjure feelings of something much older than civilisation. A connection to the unrelenting cycle of creation, being harnessed through motion.


Janire Nájera

Producer / Director

Matt Wright

Producer / Director

Carole Blade

Producer Wales

Shohini Dutta

Producer India

Filastine & Nova


Kim Noble

Choreographer / Dancer

Hugh Stanier

Choreographer / Dancer

Kriti Rao


Manas Sharma


Devasmita Sharma


Ignacio Álvarez

Camera / Editor

Raquel Garcia


Chris Mcfall

VFX Editor

Luke Harris

Production Assistant

David Daniel

Production Assistant

Keefa Chan

Camera Operator

Michal Iwanowski


Susana Mota

Costume Designer

The Danceworx Delhi


Behind the scenes

Photo Gallery

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